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AgentBright helps agents automate their business to make more money in less time.

Why AgentBright?

Results Speak for themselves

New Agents

 “I started out excited to be an Agent.  I got my license easy enough.  But I did not have much money and I found myself wasting money on quick or single point marketing apps or CRMs.   Finally, I found AgentBright.
AgentBright helped me set up my business with the basics and build a solid foundation for growing my business.   Each day, I get an email with suggested actions. With AgentBright,  I was able to get on my feet within 12 months.”   Karabeth.

Power Teams

 “AgentBright has revolutionized my life as an agent.  My team is more effective because I can share leads immediately and they can be taking action while I am with a client.  I’ve tripled my business and I’m getting more done in less time with less stress.”   Maureen, broker/agent in Essex, Connecticut

Seasoned Professional

  “After 20 years in the business,  I know what I need to do.  I didn’t want or need all these complex CRMs or all these different tools. I just wanted something to help me to keep focussed, keep in touch with my Contacts and manage my Clients.


With AgentBright, it’s like having a personal assistant – get a daily email in the morning – it gets me motivated, focussed and gives me  confidence throughout the day. ”  Julie, Knoxville, TN

Our Value Proposition

On average agents who using AgentBright sell 3 houses more than their previous year.

AgentBright Made Easy

Enjoy your life as an Agent – let AgentBright take the hassle out of your day!


Get started quickly

Get started and setup in just 20 minutes.  Set your desired income and we will coach you on your marketing activities to achieve your goal.


All about marketing

Send email campaigns on the go in less than 10 minutes.


Nurture relationships

Stay in touch with your top Contacts with email, phone or personal notes.


Lead & Client Workflow

Receive daily email reminders, text reminders and a simple ‘next-action’ workflow.

Not sure? Take the Real Estate Assessment now to find out where you and your business stack up.

Get ready to supercharge your Real Estate business.

Agent Assessment

Get clarity on managing your Real Estate business.

Take 15 minutes to give yourself true clarity

Actionable & Best Practice Feedback on:
Personal Branding
Contacts Database
Lead Conversion
Personal and Mass Marketing
Sales Pipeline
Goal Setting and Tracking
Free to first 50


Get serious with the best

$ 49
Included ...
Quick Start & Coach
Monthly Email Campaigns (*)
Email Campaigns (1-2-3)
Email Sync
Goal Setting & Tracking
Lead – Automation & Reminder Follow-up
Clients Pipeline & Workflow
Digital Research (Person)
Digital Research (Property)
Iphone/Android App
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Share your leads &/or your business. Your choice.

Included ...
Pro features
Plus ...
Lead Sharing
Team Sharing
Team Coaching
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Message from our CEO

“Our company vision is to help you be the best Agent you can be.  As an Agent, we help you make more money in less time with less stress. How?  We start by evaluating your Real Estate business needs with our  assessment.   Based on that, we recommend actions to get you going quickly and with clear focus.”

Our Agents needed a simple solution:

  • Getting started quickly.    Why does it take an Agent 3-5  years to be successful? 
  • Making it easy for Agents to be marketing themselves.  How to make sending Marketing Emails and reaching out a part of an Agents day?
  • Focussing Agents on achieving their Goals.  Why do Agents set out to make $100k but then fall short?

Our solution:

  • Helps Agents balance Marketing themselves and Managing their clients
  • Lets you set your own goals, provides insights based on best practice and track your results
  • Automates ‘tech stuff’ behind the scenes – Set up in just 20 minutes and get going with email and lead genearation
  • Acts as a personal assistant and personal coach to help you keep you at your best game.

I am excited for you to give it a try.  Let us know.

Patrick O’Grady, CEO

“We are the trusted advisors to running your Real Estate business.”

Supercharge your Real Estate business.

Includes our full native Apps. Your choice Android or Iphone.

Get it on Google Play

AgentBright takes agents to the next level

Here’s how we do it:

Strengthen Relationships

We make it easy to keep in touch with all your contacts, without bothering them.

Generate Referrals & Convert More Leads

Keep your new business flowing with with our automated lead processing and a steady stream of referrals from your past clients and your database with minimal cost and effort.

Manage your Business

We act as an assistant to help you keep on top of your business. Leveraging data and the latest technologies, we provide you ‘what you need, when you need it’.

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