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Import your Contacts

Not only do we import your contacts within minutes, our algorithm identifies your most important Contacts first so you can get off to a quick and confident start.

We import you Contacts with your Email.  Why? Over the years, we have learned that’s where your most important business Contacts sit.  It’s time to start getting back in touch!

Grade Your Contacts

No two relationships are the same.  To be successful in Real Estate you want to
have your most important Contacts at your finger tips. 

The AgentBright way enables you to quickly grade your contacts based on the 
importantance and relevance you growing your business:
A+  B2B/multi-referrals
A    Clients/Friends & Family that refer you
B    Folks that you have lost touch with
C.   Folks that may not even know your an Agent
D   Exclude from Marketing (out of town-ers/other Agents)

Set Your Goals

How much money do you want to make?  Think ‘cash in hand’ at the end of the year.  Our industry-proven methodology guides you to how much ‘sweat equity’ is required to achieve your goals 






Send Marketing & Personal Emails

AgentBright is your ‘one-stop’ shop for sending both marketing and personal

Here’s what you get:

– Email Sync from your existing Email that you use for business.

– Email 1-2-many with (pretty HTML) as one-offs (for “Open House” and/or
“Just Sold”  and also for you monthly

– Email Action “Drip” Campaigns to keep in touch with potential and past clients
automatically on a regular basis.


AgentBright Resource Library

Not sure what to say or do?  No problem.

Why start from scratch when you don’t have to?  We have over 100 Email Templates, Text Templates and Action Drip Plans to get you started.






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