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AgentBright Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

The AgentBright Dashboard is the central hub of your business.  The Dashboard prompts you to take action on Leads Status Board, Clients Status Board and Tasks.  You can quickly view your Calendar and most Recent Activity Reports are easily accessible to view your progress.

We send you a Daily Email to remind you to keep up to date on your Dashboard to proactively manage your business and avoid getting overwhelmed.

Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline provides a quick view of your business.  It displays your Individual Pipeline by default.  For Teams, it also displays the Team Pipeline.

Useful Links enable you to have quick browser access related business websites and folders.  Click on Useful Links to add additional links to display on the Dashboard.

Our simple, mobile-friendly navigation enables you to move around the site quickly and efficiently.

On the left side screen, you can quickly navigate to the area of the Area of the application.

Quick Add

On the top right of the screen, you can see a Demo, learn more about the page,  use the + Quick Add button to add a Contact, Lead, Client or Task.


Your image or Initials will appear for you to access your Settings or Sign Out.


View My Reports or Team Reports to review progress of Buyers, Listings, Pendings, Closed Business, Cash Flow and Market – Leads Source Analysis.

Coach Action Cards

The Dashboard Coach Action Cards display:

  • Improvements Action Cards we recommend based on your Onboarding and Real Estate Assessment.   You have the option to Action (e.g. Import) or click No Thanks to dismiss. 
  • Action Cards to improve your business based on time sensitive and/or financial data of your Client, Lead or Contact data and best practice.  You have the option to click Action (e.g. Create an Email Campaign), Snooze, Dismiss or Never show this type of card again.

Incoming Leads Board

Our Lead Status Board shows in the most recent incoming leads captured automatically for you (from Realtor.com, Zillow or Trulia) with an ability to promote or process the Lead quickly.

Status Board

Our Client Status Board provides full visibility of your Sales Pipeline – displaying each Client with ability to action and set next task.


If you’ve email to AgentBright, today’s and tomorrow’s calendar events will display on the left side of the Dashboard. Click Add Event to add an event to your Calendar.  View Calendar is to give you full Calendar access.


Tasks is to view and take action on your tasks.  The list is in chronological order so you see overdue tasks first.  Add button is to add a Task for you or if you have teammates, there is an Add button for your team.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity is a history of your activity sorted in reverse chronological order to quickly jog your memory and help you keep on top of your business.

For more information, visit us on www.agentbright.com.  Also, be sure to check out our other videos here:  support.agentbright.com.  You can download the iPhone app from Apple and/or Android store.