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Use “Grouping Contacts” to grow your business

Tips for creating Contact Groups for Real Estate Agents

Why does Grouping Contact grow your business?

Sending and keeping in touch with Contacts is cornerstone to running a successful business.  To be effectively communicating, a tool for Grouping Contacts is essential for growing your Real Estate business.

Just because you have your Contacts in one place, they are not always working for you.  An easy way to maximize the value of your Contacts Database is to ensure you have ‘grouped’ (aka ‘tagged’) your Contacts into one or multiple groups.

Once you have Grouped your Contacts, you are now ready to start communicating with little to no stress.  Grouping Contacts helps you grow your Real Estate business by making it easier to send relevant information quickly to your groups.

How to get started?

Commit to a Contacts Dbase

So often Agents try to use a system and lost patience and/or interest.  It’s too hard to started. I don’t know anything about Outlook CSV files.  It does not work on an iphone.  Whilst there are plenty of excuses and solutions, find something simple.  Our users find that AgentBright enables them to get started in just 20 minutes.

Grouping Contacts

This process is about ‘tagging’ Contacts to associated groups.

  • in ‘bulk’ – To save time, AgentBright enables you to ‘bulk’ tag – meaning select the Contacts you want to group and then add them to a group.
  • individually – Each time you add a contact or review a contact, you can add them to a group.

Now what?

With Contact ‘grouped’, there are plenty of things you can start doing:

  • Send an Email Campaign to a group –  Having an Real Estate CRM that can both doing Marketing and manage your Contacts and Clients takes the stress out building a business.
  • Print Campaign Labels for your print marketing – Whilst not as popular any more, once your Contacts are ‘grouped’, you can quickly send ‘just sold’ / ‘new listings’ out as part of a geo-farming campaign.

What Does AgentBright Do For You?

AgentBright offers you a convenient way to automate your real estate business and get more testimonials through more efficient communication with your clients. Try AgentBright with a risk-free 30 day trial today!

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