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Headshots for Real Estate Agents

Tips to Learning the Best Way to Secure a Pro Head Shot for Real Estate Agents

Why is a Professional Head Shot important?

Successful Agents know that you get only one chance to make a first impression.   Our successful AgentBright Agents carefully prepare ahead to create a professional head shot for use in all marketing materials as their initial introduction to new clients. The tips below will help avoid sending the wrong message and attract the type of clients matching your style.

We all tend to make snap judgments and, while we may eventually change our evaluation after getting to know someone better, we rarely reserve that snap judgment.

Though we are advised not to “judge a book by its cover”, it holds true that “a picture paints a thousand words”. How many times have you done this yourself?

Outdated hairstyles, overdone make-up or jewelry, busy or bright patterned clothing or backdrops, blurry pictures or misaligned framing can speak volumes to potential clients – all in a language which you never intended.

What do I need to do? 3- 5 Steps to Achieve a Great Pro Head Shot

1- Choose Your Image

Who are your potential clients or what type of properties do you wish to reach? First time buyers, beach properties, dog lovers, commercial properties, millennials, farms, distinguished estates?

2- Select a Background/Setting

Determine what background suits your style or intended image best – natural outdoors, busy city street, at your desk? Backgrounds should enhance the atmosphere of the photo, not distract and be simple and clean.

3- Select Clothing/Accessories

Are you more relaxed and casual or more serious and business oriented? Your head shot should reflect a relaxed, confident you in a natural state, communicating your style and personality.

  • Avoid new hair cuts or color of hair and be certain to drink plenty of water and eat healthy as alcohol and over-eating can cause eye puffiness and circles and discomfort.
  • As with the background, simple clothing is best, avoiding solid white and patterns, sleeveless blouses, turtlenecks, shorts, too much jewelry, sunglasses, etc.
  • Props such as phones or signs can be a distraction or date a photo, so use with discretion.

4-Best Angle

Best head shots are taken from an angle rather than from straight forward.

  • Best angles for most head shots are taken with the head tilted slightly downward at a comfortable angle, taken from slightly off to one side.
  • One side may be favored and it is typically slimming if turned 2/3 away from the camera.
  • Frame from the chest up.
  • Look into the camera.
  • Avoid shadows.
  • Crop using the rule of 2/3’s rather than centering the Subject.

5-Research Photographers-

Investing in a professional photographer can make all the difference in achieving the results you desire.

  • Look for a photographer’s portfolio you like.
  • Ask others whose photos you like to refer their photographer.
  • Update your photo every few years (3 or so) to avoid looking completely different from your photo when meeting new clients.

What AgentBright does for you?

Are you reading this article and asking yourself, “why don’t I do that?”

Ask no more!

AgentBright makes it easy! When you come onboard, we automatically direct you to upload your Head Shot for marketing purposes and remind you until this task is completed.

How do you rate?

  • Never do it – Yikes, you are seriously losing money. Did you know successful Agents have mastered the art of making a good first impression?
  • Sometimes do it – Uh-oh. Successful Agents are consistently marketing themselves. This is an easy and low-cost approach to building your business.
  • Always – Great stuff – you know what you are doing!

Want to know more?

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