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Learn the importance of Immediate Response

Why is immediate response so important?

In today’s high-tech world, fast, effective communication is crucial to maintaining successful business relationships. While good communication has always been important, the recent growth of immediate response technology has created an increased demand for decreased response time.

Today, average customer service email response time averages about 12 hours. But, many customers expect and appreciate a response within a few hours or even sooner.

An immediate response can help you stand out from the real estate agent crowd by meeting customers’ expectations, as opposed to falling into the rank of slow responders. Work towards achieving immediate response to ensure your clients are happy from the very beginning.

What do I need to do to achieve immediate response?

 1 – Determine an Appropriate Response Time

Whatever window of time you decide on, stick to it. This helps to build trust, a key element in customer relationships. Make the expected timeframe clear to your customers– the shorter, the better. Then, begin to implement strategies to reduce it. Chip away at response time little by little, aiming for as close to immediate response as possible. You’ll soon determine which tools best help you manage clients, allowing for more efficient and effective communication.

2 – Triage all Incoming Emails

Just like in an emergency room, perform a brief triage on messages the moment they land in your inbox, and prioritize them based on importance. Sorting, managing, and responding to client messages based on priority will allow you to provide quick responses to the most urgent requests. This will also ensure important emails don’t get lost in your inbox. 

3 – Set up Several Email Templates

Email templates allow for quick responses to questions from potential and existing customers, from general inquiries to urgent customer service requests. For increasingly efficient communication, use shortcuts connected to commonly-used words, sentences, and even paragraphs. This might include basic introductions and sign-offs, as well as more detailed answers to inquiries. Shortcuts will help reduce the time it takes to manually write emails, especially useful with frequent questions.

 4 – Try Setting Up Autoresponders

In this day and age, pre-scheduled emails and instant messages aren’t only useful for out-of-office notes during your annual vacation. Autoresponders are common tools both on email and social media for letting the customer know their message has been received and keeping the client engaged, buying you time to send a manual response addressing their question.

For additional customer engagement, link them to the FAQ section of your website in the autoresponder so they can get immediate information while awaiting a response. If you feel confident you can provide a fast manual response, however, it’s always superior, so the autoresponders are something you can test to start.

What Can AgentBright do for you?

Achieving an immediate response is a key element to a successful 21st-century real estate business. Take your client communications to the next level with AgentBright.

Our customer relationship management system can help you further develop your business relationships with follow-up notifications, text reminders to stay in touch with your contacts, and more.

From quick-access task lists, to activity logs, and marketing tools, AgentBright can help improve both your relationship building and customer service

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