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Tips to ask for Real Estate Agent Testimonials

Successful Agents consistently ask for Testimonials!  Our successful AgentBright Agents get 75% or more of their business from Referrals compared.  This article will help stop you from wasting money on buying Leads.

Why is asking for a Testimonial important?

Buyers and Sellers will read reviews in an effort to choose an Agent and testimonials from your satisfied clients will help them make an informed choice. Reviews of your services will also:

  • Give potential clients a view of the value you bring to the table
  • Help generate leads and referrals
  • Provide feedback for improvement in services and allow you to stand apart from the crowd

What are the steps to a getting a Testimonial?

1- Plant the Seed Early – Let your clients know that you intend to deliver your best and will ask for their honest review following closing (E.g.: “I value your input – would you mind sharing your experience in a testimonial later?”)

2- Remark and Remind – As your transaction proceeds and each hurdle is championed, remark and then remind your client (E.g.: “So glad we resolved the inspection issue so we could close timely. May I remind you when it’s time for review?”)

3- Simply Ask – With the many tasks involved in a housing move, most clients will simply need to be asked or prompted to share their experience – this can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Written testimonial (keep these short and concise)
  • Video (can include several clients)
  • Using a service such as Survey Monkey or Agent Reputation
  • Through a link on your website
  • Through social media sites

You may want to create a standard questionnaire which could include such questions as:

  • Why did you choose to hire me?
  • What did I do best?
  • What could I have done better?
  • Would you recommend me?

What are the first Steps?

  1. Allocate 1 hour per week to review past Clients and send an email for Testimonial
  2. When you are getting ready to Close, get in the habit of creating a Task to request a Testimonial
  3. When you receive a Testimonial (and you like it). Send them a follow up with the links to post it on FB, Zillow, etc.
  4. Send a Thank You note – Whether the testimonial you receive is positive or negative, always be sure to thank your client!

What AgentBright does to help you get Testimonials?

Are you asking yourself, why don’t I do that?  It’s too hard?

Not anymore.  With AgentBright, we make it easy. When you ‘complete’ a transaction, we automatically create a Task for you to ask for a Testimonial.

What Quiz time! How good are you at Testimonials?

  • Never do it – Yikes, you are seriously loosing money. Did you know successful Agents get their business ‘word of mouth’? This is your easiest free Leads.
  • Sometimes do it – Uh-oh. Successful Agents are consistently marketing themselves. This is an easy and no-cost approach to building your business.
  • Always – Great stuff – you know what you are doing!

Still have questions?

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