View a Lead

By clicking on a Lead’s name, you can view the individual Lead.

In this article, you’ll learn the details shown on an individual Lead page.

View a Lead

The following sections will display depending on the workflow of the Lead.   Information and section(s) will display depending on:

  • if the Lead is a Seller or Buyer.

The sections include:

  • Headline area displays key summary information.
  • Lead Status bar allows the user to take action related to the individual Lead.
  • Lead Menu buttons bar allows the User to Claim, Un-claim or Merge a lead.
  • Lead Actions select buttons allow the User to take action on the Lead.  Actions include promote, put on hold, snooze, mark as not converted or mark as junk.
  • For 3rd party Leads, the Social Media information is displayed.
  • Active Email Campaign Sequences will be displayed with a Add to sequence button to quickly add the Client to a sequence.
  • Lead Details (either buyer or seller) can be viewed and edited.
  • Preferences (either buyer or seller) can be viewed and edited.
  • A single Property can be viewed and edited for the seller.  For a buyer, multiple Properties can be viewed, added and edited for the buyer.
  • Activity stream which records all details of correspondence with that individual.
  • Email tab that allows you to send/receive email correspondence via their personal email.
  • Comments tab provides ability to create notes related to the individual Contact.
  • Tasks tab provides ability to create Task(s) related to this individual Contact.


  • Lead Type can be Buyer or Seller.
  • Full name and relationships ranking
  • Easy to read & easy to access the Email and Phone Number.
  • Photo is displayed (if available). Otherwise, the initials

Lead Status

The Lead status bar displays the status and the age of the status.  The status dropdown can be used to update the status of the Lead.

Lead Menu

There are buttons to action the lead and will display depending on the current stage of the lead (either Claim or Unclaimed):

  • Claim Lead button to claim the lead (if set up for lead sharing).
  • Unclaim Lead button to un-claim the lead (if set up for lead sharing).
  • Merge button to merge a duplicate lead.  The lead must be the same type (e.g. buyer and buyer).

Lead Actions

The Lead Action area provides the ability to take action on the Lead.  Depending on the Lead status, the actions include.

  • Promote this lead to a prospect select allows you to promote the lead as a Client prospect.
  • Put on hold select to move the Lead to someone you may do business in the future.
  • Snooze select is to mark the lead with a reminder to follow up later.
  • Mark select as not converted select is to remove the Lead as a potential Client.
  • Junk select as a lead that was not real.

For a status of Not Contacted, the options are This lead responded, Reply to this lead via email, Snooze or set to Junk.

Social Media 

For leads that come via a 3rd party, AgentBright automatically displays the Social Media information.  The User is able to hyper link to view the social media details.

Email Campaign Sequences

  • Displays any Email Campaign Sequences related to this Client.  Allows you to view the name, last step, next step and status of a current Email Campaign sequence.  Click the Email Campaign name to hyperlink to the detailed sequence. Click Add to a sequence button to quickly add the Contact to a sequence.

Lead Details


Preferences will display for either a Buyer or Seller.   

For a buyer, key preferences are to capture the area, property type, timeframe and price range.

For a Seller, key preferences are timeframe and amount owed on the house.


For a Seller, the Property section can record information related to the Seller Client.  Click the Edit button to update and/or add information to Property and/or Listing information.

For a buyer, multiple Properties of interest can be maintained.  To add additional Properties, click the + Add New Property button.  To update the Property status, click the Status button.  For a buyer, a status can be possible, interested, not interested and not available.   Not interested and not available properties are automatically archived.

Activity Stream

  • A chronological history of Comments, Emails, Personal Information changes and Tasks associated with the individual Client.   The format is identical to Contact and Lead Activity Steams.

Other Tabs

Next to the activity stream, there are tabs to view and create Comments, Emails and Tasks.

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