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Websites for Real Estate Agents

Tips for Utilizing Real Estate Agent Websites for Marketing and Lead Acquisition

Why Are Websites Important?

Creating and maintaining a customized real estate agent website is essential for developing a stronger online presence and visible personal brand.

It’s often isn’t enough to just build a basic website; online visitors are more demanding than ever and expect a functional, professional and mobile responsive website.

With a great website design, regular updates, and excellent content, you can set yourself apart as an agent in your market, brand yourself as an expert, and get an ongoing source of leads.

What Do I Need to Do For a Real Estate Website? 4 Steps for Getting a Website

1 – Get a Website Created If You Haven’t Already

The first step is to have a website created if you haven’t already. Although there are websites that allow you to easily create your own, you will want to invest into your own uniquely developed website when possible.

This will help you stand out in your market and give you the opportunity to establish yourself as a local expert. Work with your web designer to accomplish an incredible website – and there are several online firms that specialize in responsive and modern real estate design – this is often your best bet.

2 – Choose the Important Features of Your Website

Every great real estate website has a few features that will help you draw in more visitors and acquire more leads. You should work with your developer to ensure that your website has every feature needed to do exactly this:

  • Featured Listings – Make sure that your website has a featured listings section including your top recommendations. This type of page can work well if you specialize in a particular type of real estate such as single family or luxury homes or particular neighborhoods.
  • Blogs and Content – Don’t forget to blog about your area on a regular basis to draw in more visitors; topics such as market news, updates, buying or selling trends, and other local details can help you establish yourself as an expert.
  • Search Tools – Make sure that your website is easily navigable and that you offer a search tool to help your visitors find the type of properties they are looking for.

3 – Test Your Website Out

It’s essential to get friends, family and anyone else you can to test out your website, find flaws or any bugs with the features, and look for ways to improve it. Your testers might find out, for example, that your property search feature isn’t working properly or that there are broken links.

4 – Market Your Website

Make sure to include your website on business cards, any online profiles and bios that you may have, social media, and everywhere else you can. Maintain your blog with regular posting.

You might try digital marketing techniques such as Google Adwords or social media marketing, but it’s worthwhile to enlist the help of a marketing firm if you don’t have the experience to ensure that your budget is being wisely spent.

What Does AgentBright Do For You?

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